Growing Practices

When it comes to farming and food, there are a lot of terms out there. We are not certified organic so we can't use the term "organic" to describe our food. However, we follow practices that are in line with USDA organic certification.

We do not use chemicals--pesticides, herbicides, any of it.

We use physical barriers, such as row cover, to protect crops from insect pressure.

We use excellent organic compost and potting soil for starting our plants. We test our soil to make sure it is safe to grow in and to learn about what we can do to improve it. Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy people.

Most of our seeds are organic certified. All are GMO-free. We also avoid hybrid varieties so we can practice seed-saving.

We harvest to order so you can count on receiving fresh produce.

We use some plastic in packaging to help maintain product quality and freshness, but we are constantly seeking to minimize packaging and environmental impact.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our growing practices!